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TechZel, Inc. 506(c) Offering Platform


TechZel, Inc. has been in operation for around 12 years, and it’s looking to expand. The Company is structured as a C Corporation. TechZel, Inc. has been in existence since 2003. The Company has consulted various organizations from small to large; some of this organization have been fortune 50/500/1000 companies. The Company has created goodwill and credibility in the market place, and respective communities. The plan is to have the GA C-Corp as the headquarters, and in the future have branches/subsidiaries in various Texas metro areas, Florida, and other major metro cities

The delivery of IT services/products has been conducted/delivered mostly as products, and not a business systems. The current models that are available are cumbersome and have to be reinvented everything a new customer(s) is acquired and solution(s) are either design and/or implement for such organizations. The delivers of IT services/products is very specialized, however, some of the processes to deliver such services/products are not specialized, and are candidates for streamlining.

Over the 12-year span TechZel has delivered services not only to various large organizations, but the industries have varied widely. Having this type of deep knowledge, and expertise sets the stage for expansion into various markets with the appropriate levels of capitalization. Initially the organization did not limit itself to providing services to a specific market segment(s), but kept a broad outlook as to which businesses it could market and delivery IT services to. The markets TechZel has delivered services to are: Education, airline, oil/gas, legal services, professional services, retail, ISPs, IT organizations, fast food, and healthcare organizations.

Spending on IT Services is expected to grow from $866 Billion in 2015 to $1.088 Trillion in 2020.

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TechZel, Inc. 506(c) OFFERING PLATFORM


TechZel, Inc. will initially continue to focus on IT services, such as networking architectures/implementations, and the support of such infrastructures. TechZel, Inc. has already provided services to some of the largest organizations & industries; therefore, TechZel, Inc. has credibility and is known to deliver consistent quality services to organizations of different sizes, and in different industries. By initially providing services to organizations we will continue to keep overhead low, because it doesn’t require a large investment in inventory and hardware/software costs. The overhead will be kept to a minimum - however there will be costs associated with high-end computer equipment, working capital, and salaries for its employees and/or contractors/consultants. As the service business is growing, there are plans to venture into other areas of IT.

The organization has breadth of knowledge in the IT space – both domestic and on a global basis. The organization has core competitencies which it will primarily focus on, however, it also has breadth of knowledge which spans the IT spectrum from infrastructure, networking, local area networking, wide area networking, data center architectures/engineering, cloud computing, firewalls/securities, databases, and applications. The business also has vertical/horizontal knowledge of how such organizations functions. The principal of the organization: Alfonso Pettis, has breadth of knowledge in both the IT and business space, and can transfer this knowledge to key staff/consultants.

"Global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach $106B in 2016, increasing 21% over projected 2015 spending levels."

according to Louis Columbus,

TechZel, Inc. 506(c) Offering Platform


The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

Alfonso Pettis

As a successful and tenacious professional, Alfonso Pettis has established a career in the field of IT, delivering positive impacts in the industry both in domestic and global levels. Recognized for his deep passion to lead high-performance work groups through trust and communication, Alfonso has equipped himself with a distinct ability to sustain profitability and effective execution of the entire operations of an organization. This resolve entails fostering a company culture with the highest level of integrity; demonstrating second-to-none work ethic; and working, not only hard, but also smart. This, he believes, fosters a strong team driven to achieve the goals set to be accomplished.

Starting his career at Angelo International as a software developer and database administrator, he later on joined other companies where he imparted his expertise in resolving complex IT and business issues with creative and expedient methodologies. Afterwards, Alfonso worked at Sabre, Inc. as an IT engineer and consultant where he implemented and managed all network solutions and cost network platforms, while providing expert Datacom consulting for airline clients.

With his unparalleled industry expertise and commitment to excellence, Alfonso successfully founded TechZel Inc. As the president, chief executive officer, and chief network architect; he capitalizes on implementing the company’s security framework, processes, and best practices to deliver quality services. He demonstrates his exceptional leadership skills in directing domestic and international teams in designing and deploying large-scale computer networks, which involve business planning development and high- and lowlevel architecture designs. Alfonso’s ability to relate and cultivate relationships with various levels of the organization enables him to establish strong network of clients worldwide. These include Cisco Systems, Dell, Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, Keller Williams, New Edge/ EarthLink, and Prudential Real Estate.

Cloud computing spending increased 42% while business analytics spending increased 38% and storage spending increased 36%in 2015

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TechZel, Inc. 506(c) Offering Platform


280 Shares of Series A Preferred Convertible Stock

$25,000 per Share

Minimum Offering Amount: 2 Shares

Minimum Subscription: 2 Units ($50,000)

TechZel, Inc. (the “Company” or “TechZel”) a Georgia Corporation, is offering 280 shares of Series A Preferred Convertible Stock for $25,000 per share.

"never depend on single income. make investments to create a second source.”

- Warren Buffet -

TechZel, Inc. 506(c) Offering Platform



The TechZel, Inc. 506(c) Investor Portal provides the capability for prospective accredited investors to become approved as a “prospect", review accreditation requirements, request delivery of the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) with multiple delivery options (print, electronic, flip book), access management contact information, and view the Company’s SEC Form D filing.

For the Company’s management team, this allows for controlled access to the PPM with the prospect providing contact information and, after approval, being added to the investor prospect database which provides management an effective tool for investor prospect relations and management.


Once a prospective investor has decided they are interested in investing, we can then upgrade the prospect account to “Investor” level access. This access now provides the capability for investors to download subscription documents, specific process information for investing and instructions on transfer of investment funds, investor relations contact information, and the ability to see in real time statistics on the offering.

Investor level access also includes access to an investor relations module that provides Investors the capability to access updates from management, quarterly and annual reports, operations or project updates from the Company, press releases, and Company financials. The portal’s mobile “app” type interface will allow the Company’s management team to review and approve upgrading prospects to “Investor” status from mobile devices in real time.

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